Thursday, March 15, 2012

eighty-nine point five

{Grandma & I at my high school graduation}

My wonderful Grandmother, Jane, passed away over the weekend, one day shy of her half birthday. She would have been 90 in September - and what an amazingly full 90 years she had!

She had a loving husband, three sweet children and nine amazing grandchildren. We all kept her on her toes! While I'm really sad to see her go, I know that she was ready to be with her husband and son again.

All nine of her grandchildren, her two living children {including my mom} and her two sons-in-law {including my dad} visited her over the same weekend about a month ago. We read her love letters that my Grandpa had written to her while they were dating, she told us stories about her childhood, we asked her about her everyday life growing up on a farm in rural, southern Illinois and all about the beginning of her relationship with our Grandpa. It was great that we could all spend that time with her.

I'm personally a little saddened that she won't be able to see me get married. At least I was able to show her a picture of the dress I think I'm getting. I also got to tell her a little bit of what I've planned so far, so I am happy for that.

Grandma, I'll miss you lots. And I'll miss your strawberry rhubarb pie - nobody can make it quite as well as you. :) I love you tons and know I'll see you again one day. Give a hug and kiss to Grandpa and Uncle for me.

xoxo, christa jane


  1. How Beautiful CJ! It brought tears to my eyes. Your Grandmother WILL be at your wedding, and I'm sure she'll bring family and friends too!
    I love you very much :)

  2. Sorry for your loss Christa. It sounds like your grandmother was a wonderful woman and had a family who loved her a lot!

  3. Dear Christa...what a beautiful tribute to your grandma,,, I have tears too....So glad you got to see her....Love you and Steven, looking forward to the wedding! Char and Joe

  4. Oh Christa, I'm sorry for your loss! She sounds like she was an amazing woman (and a fellow September baby... those of us born in September are kind of awesome).

    Keeping your family in my thoughts!

  5. I am so sorry to hear of your loss C.J. Our prayers to you and to your family, especially to your Mom.


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