Thursday, April 26, 2012

happy birthday to my love


I want to wish my sweets a super happy birthday! He turns 25 today!

My poor Steven is on a bus to Ames today. A bus. To Ames, Iowa. For work. :( I wish we could both be at home enjoying some down time together - we'll have to add that to his 'things to do in June' list. Sometimes I wish he weren't such a dedicated, hard-working employee. ;)

We went to dinner and the Grace Potter concert last night with a couple friends and had a great time, of course. Hopefully I can make up for being on a bus to Iowa on his birthday with some of this favorite meals when we returns home.

I'm going to spend my weekend getting life back in order from my trip. What are you planning for the weekend?? I hope it's something good!

xoxo, christa

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