Friday, April 27, 2012

thanksgiving point tulip festival

I'm still working on posts about a few of the SNAP sessions, but I wanted to share the beauty of the Tulip Festival with you.We got a free ticket to attend the festival courtesy of SNAP, so I had to take advantage of that!

It was a beautiful afternoon to wander the gardens. We only had two hours, so we asked one of the volunteers to show us a path that would take us to all the best features.

{my favorite picture from the day}

I was awe-struck with the mountains. You would have thought I had never seen mountains before - I have. The whole weekend I was stopping to snap pictures of them.

{image courtesy of kelsey}
Becky, Hollie, me, Kelsey, Vanessa, Wendy & JeNeal

Loved chatting with these ladies! Although halfway through we got split up and couldn't find each other until we we're waiting for the shuttle.

There were so many varieties of tulips. I loved how they added shorter flowers around the base of the tulips to fill in as ground cover. Much prettier than looking at dirt or mulch.

It was gorgeous. And it was nice to be outdoors without my allergies acting up. Although I paid for it greatly when I returned to Missouri. I told Steven we have to move somewhere new soon so I can get a break from pollen attacks! He said no...

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I've got a super busy Saturday planned and hope to relax on Sunday. What do you have planned? Anything fun?

xoxo, christa

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  1. You should wear your scarf to the blogger slumber party... so I can steal it ;-)

    In all seriously it looks BEAUTIFUL, very fun!


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