Wednesday, May 16, 2012

happy moments

Excited to ride my bike to the trail for my walk this weekend. It was great up until the way home when I had to ride my bike uphill to get there. I'll never do that again.

Hanging out with some friends on Sunday. We cooked-out, drank our favorite bottled beverages, had some cake to celebrate and topped off the evening with come delicious coffee made in a french press. Such a lovely evening.

Attending a reception at the Chancellor's Residence on the quad. It was awesome. The food was tasty, the drinks were free and the surroundings were beautiful.

Consuming the most delicious Brazillian cocktail - a caipivodka. I got together with a few of my students {and friends!} for an International Food Night. We chowed down on empanadas and potatoes. So fun to see the girls outside of the office.

Starting my day with multigrain cheerios and vanilla silk. I love having cereal for breakfast, but rarely have the time to enjoy it on a week day.

I hope you all are having a good week - the weather here sure is perfect for all the activity I have going on. This is crazy work week. I should be back to normal next Monday, with any hope!

xoxo, christa

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