Sunday, May 6, 2012

six years.

{outtake from our 2011 christmas card photo shoot, ha!}

Six whole years. I almost can't believe it. Neither can Steven, look at him up there, staring at me in disbelief. ;) It's been an awesome six years and I can't wait to see where the next sixty take us!

{winter 2006}

It's been a busy year for us! Besides all day-to-day happenings and craziness, we chose to go on different summer vacations {she to BlogHer, he to Lollapalooza}, he added extra duties to his work load, she switched jobs, he was out of town for christmas, we got got engaged {!!!}, started planning a wedding and this this spring has been crazy with the extra things on our plate {namely, unexpected trips to chicago}. Luckily things are slowing down and we're getting back into our normal groove. We are planning our summer vacation - together! Getting our engagement pictures taken, doing some more wedding planning and relaxing as much as possible.

{summer 2008}

Steven sent flowers to me at work on Friday since he had to be out of town this weekend. {so sweet of him} The note he included made me smile. The last line said "How about we do this one more time then get married, eh?" We'll be celebrating seven years about two months before the wedding. :) 

{summer 2011}

I truly savor every moment I get to spend with Steven. Between college breaks at our parents homes, classes, studying, work and temporary moves, we spent a lot of time apart from each other over the past six years. But I really think it helped us learn who the other really is and how to communicate well, whether near or far.  I'm glad we landed in the same place and now have our roots firmly planted in Columbia. Our life together has really taken off and I'm loving the direction we are headed. 

As they say, you bloom where you are planted. And we sure are blooming.

xoxo, christa


  1. Happy Anniversary to the Babe and the Beard!!
    I can't believe it's been six years either! YIKES!!!
    Time goes by sooooo fast. In just a little more than a year from now you'll be conceiving an even bigger anniversary to celebrate. Can't wait!!
    Love you guys!!
    -Mommy <3

  2. Congrats on 6 years together, and many more to come!


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