Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I did it. I somehow completed a the Go Girl Half Marathon! Thirteen point one very long, hot miles.

Unfortunately, due to the humid heat, my asthma started acting up. It was really bad when I was in the sun. I'll be honest, I broke down and was ready quit. I was wheezy and uncomfortable, discouraged and a little scared. I had to go much slower than I wanted to. I called Steven and he gave me a pep talk, talked me down from the ledge and I kept on going.

I pushed through and I crossed the finish line. I was never so happy to see a cold, wet sponge.

I'm glad I finished, but I'm still disappointed that I didn't do it as quickly as I had hoped. I'm not sure if I'll do a half again - at least not in 90* heat - but I'm glad I can say I did it once. :)

xoxo, christa


  1. It was brutal, and although I plan to do another, I will NEVER sign up for one in summer ever again. Congrats!!

  2. You all ran right past my house! I was in the garden and I must say it was quite a thrill to see all of you running by! It was very hot and humid, so you get extra kudos for the effort it took to finish! Congratulations!

  3. Congrats!! You finished and that's what matters!

  4. Congratulations on finishing! 80-90F is unbearable for racing. I start to melt at around 65. :) Great job on pushing through!


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