Friday, July 20, 2012

coffee date: busy with life

Hi all. I decided to join Alissa {and a bunch of other fabulous bloggers} for a coffee date today. Will you join us too? If we were having a coffee date I'm sure I'd tell you...

Work is super busy right now. Since I work for a University, you can imagine that back-to-school time is crazy for us. Lots of meetings, photo shoots, planning and designing going on in my office. I really rely on my student designers during this time, and I must say that they are rock stars.

We got our engagement pictures back! We love them and are having the hardest time picking some out. We've also been busy finalizing the guest list, booking hotel blocks,  finding a caterer and designing some of our materials. Luckily we already have a few big things checked off the list, so we can move at our own pace at this point. I'm glad I have a good amount of time to plan - I'm able to work on wedding stuff when I want to. Much better than have to. There are so many ideas running through my head, we're having fun talking them out and deciding things together. And don't worry... I'll share more engagement pictures soon!

Steven and I have committed to going to the trail as much as possible - unfortunately the heat has made it almost impossible... But anyway, I bought a bike rack for my car so we can take my bike to any trail access point. Well, last Saturday we loaded up my bike for the first time and headed to the trail. I know how far Steven runs, where he turns around and about how long it takes him, so I rode down the trail and turned around about when I knew Steven would be. About ten feet from my turn around point, my right foot slipped off the pedal and I was feeling around for it with my foot when I realized that it wasn't there anymore. It had come off completely! So I spent about five minutes trying to put it back on and another five trying various other things so I could at least semi-pedal the bike back to the car, but nothing was working. So I walked my bike about two and a half miles back to the car. When I got to a downhill part, I'd get on and push the one pedal I had to get me a little further a little faster, but it was pretty miserable. So now I have a bike rack, but no bike. Isn't that how it always happens?!

I am definitely ready for the weekend. Though I'll still be working on wedding stuff!

What do you have planned for the weekend? Steven and I might go see the new Batman movie, so no spoilers!

xoxo, christa


  1. Joining you from Rags To Stitches! Love the engagement pics, it would be hard to pic just one. I can't say that I would envy working at a college around back to school time... lol! Also, walking a bike 2.5 miles, No fun! hope you can figure that out soon.


    And I adore your engagement pics, so cute!


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