Monday, July 30, 2012

missing: internet & checkbook

{unrelated but adorable picture of rusty trying to steal my iced vanilla latte}

We have no internet and our checkbook is lost somewhere inside the house.

We hated our old cable and internet company. Service was always horrible and they didn't care because they had a monopoly on the town. When they raised our bill $40, Steven called to cancel. They didn't even put up a fight or offer a new deal or anything. Bad customer service.

So basically we got a new tv service installed on Friday. Our internet is from a separate company and was also supposed to be activated on Friday. Uhm, that didn't happen.

We're internet-less until at least tomorrow. Which is surprisingly hard. As I tweeted the other day... I had forgotten what life was like without instant answers from Google. Luckily I had my smart phone to get me by. {Man, we're spoiled these days.}

More life drama - the checkbook that we use like once every six months is missing. Meaning I probably 'put it somewhere safe' the last time I used it and now I don't know where 'safe' is. I'll be tearing apart the house all week to locate it.

What's going on in your life? I bet it's not as exciting as my internet-less, checkbook searching days have been!

xoxo, christa


  1. I am forever losing my checkbook. It SHOULD be in my second bedroom on my desk for once a month when I write my dad a check for rent. However right now... I think it's somewhere in the kitchen? Because that makes SO much sense.

  2. Ha. I'm all too familiar with this kind of day. The I can't find my check book and have no internet kind of day. There' always something, isn't there? :)

  3. I'll bet you left the same company we did 2 years ago. The new one still tries the rate hike trick every once in a while, but have always gone back when we call. Better see if the cats are using the checkbook and ordering from infomercials! Oh, but you haven't had tv. Never mind!

  4. Ugh! That stinks. I've totally "lost" my checkbook before and it's the worst feeling b/c you know it's there, just not sure exactly where... And going without the internet at home is also terrible. Made me realize just how much I depend on it. Eek!

  5. Life without Internet isn't really life at all. Or so I'm told, I still have Internet access :D

  6. I know this was posted months ago, but if you are ever in the need for Internet again you might try Socket. I had them when I lived in Columbia I thought the price was good and the customer service was excellent.


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