Wednesday, July 25, 2012

our engagement session

{I love this one!}

Steven and I had our engagement photos taken a couple weeks ago. We found an awesome photographer out of Kansas City, Briana Gray from Shades of Gray Photography. She {and her husband!} came to Columbia for the shoot. We love them all. It was really hard to narrow them down to show you, I apologize for the photo overload. But not really.

{steven first told me he loved me right around the corner from here}

{he gets the sideways glance a lot...}

{we love the quad.}

{this photo wins for best audience participation... there were people making pizza behind the glass, so they were hooting n' hollering at us. when we kissed they cheered and jumped up and down.}

Despite Steven's usual unwillingness to take pictures, he did great. And now he has a year to prepare for photo shoot number two. :)

xoxo, christa

PS: I asked Steven to help me name this post. His first three suggestions were meh and the next one was too long but super awesome, so I told him I'd share it in the post.

"hey i just met you, and this is crazy, but here's our engagement pictures, so look at them maybe"

So I told him they needed to shorter, so he suggested "look at his beard. it's incredible." Which no one should argue with, but it's not a good post title.

Then he said "Hey. Engagement pictures."

I was about to cut him off when he said "EVERYONE, COME AND SEE HOW GOOD WE LOOK!" Then he sent me a video reference.

And then I cut him off. So I'm sorry for the boring post title.


  1. Please tell him I snorter/laughed at his long title. That is pretty much awesome. And so are these pics!

    P.S. Come join the Blogging Besties Swap, live on my blog today! Make a new friend and get fun goodies in the mail!

  2. great photos and I loved Steven's title suggestions. Makes me wonder what my husband would suggest for a title if I asked ;) and thanks for video share!!

  3. Love your engagement photos! I love the "&" you used. Great locations to pick in Columbia too!


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