Thursday, September 20, 2012

gettin' artsy

Two Sundays ago I had another date with Olivia & Ava, my favorite seven and five year-olds. First I snuck-up on them with little flower bouquets and asked them to be my flower girls! They said yes and can't wait to wear pretty dresses and dance with me all night long.

Then I took them to The Mud Room, a paint your own pottery place in town. I love going there, so taking the girls was a good excuse to bring home another hand painted item. :) They were so into it. I let them pick out whatever piece they wanted to paint - within reason. Ava was first drawn to a GIANT ceramic easter egg basket. I managed to convince her to love the little heart shaped box better.

Each girl picked out about ten colors each. But that's half the fun! Olivia had fun putting the paint onto her palate by herself. I just reminded her every time "just a little bit... you add more but you can't put it back in the bottle." She painted a mug and changed her plan about a hundred times along the way. :)

Ava was so concentrated. She drew all sorts of tiny flowers, hearts and stars on the lid of her box, then used a tiny little brush to paint them all different colors. I was super impressed. The bottom of her box was gold & black tiger stripes.

Our table was nice and full, but we all worked together without bumping elbows or fighting. I really liked teaching them about the process. They were baffled by the fact that you could draw on the ceramic in pencil, but the pencil lines would go away when they fired (or baked it as we said) it in the kiln. I also explained that you always paint dark colors over light colors or the light colors won't show up.

I love my little flower girls. And I love our little dates. :) I'll be sure to show you our finished pieces when we get them back!

Do you have a place like this in your town? I encourage you to go if you've never been. And take some kids along with, it makes that much more fun and magical. :)

xoxo, christa


  1. It looks so fun! I think we do have a place like this in MN, I'll have to go sometime. Those girls are too cute!

  2. Supposedly there's a place like this in my town but I've never been. My boss was saying that the owner is totally weird but in kind of a funny way. Could be interesting?

  3. Looks like fun! Have you been to The Canvas on Broadway? They have painting classes for kids in the mornings and classes for adults in the evenings. I went with a friend last week and it was so fun! During the adult classes they serve wine and beer and play fun music.


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