Monday, September 3, 2012

happy labor day!

{the beginning of my cobbler}

I hope everyone has plans to relax today! I have the day off and hope to make the most of it. Steven has to work, but I might take him lunch so we can spend a little time together. And I'm working on a tasty apple cobbler. :)

Last week was nuts. I feel like that's all I say anymore! But at work we opened a new retail store {which is why I was in St. Louis on Monday & Tuesday}, had our first big sale day of the year at another store, and kicked off football season. Now that those events are behind me, I'm looking forward to settling back into my normal routine.

I wanted to share some of my happy mail from last week! I participated in a Blogging Besties Swap that my friend Krysten hosted. I was paired with Beth and she sent the best package!

Beth sent me an adorable journal, pink nail polish {my favorite color polish}, grapefruit Burts {my favorite lip balm}, a super fun wallet/pouch with a kitty on it, a card game to play with Steven, pretty hair pins {my favorite hair accessory}, and a catnip toy for the boys! How thoughtful was that?!
I had barely gotten the package open when Elliott was carrying the toy away - still attached to the cardboard!

Such a fun swap, and who doesn't like getting fun things in the mail? Thank you, Beth! We all love it!

I hope everyone has a lovely labor day!

xoxo, christa


  1. I am so glad you loved the package! I had to chase my kitties away from the bag with the cat toy in it - which is why there was a little of their fur, lol. I hope you enjoy all the goodies and let me know what you guys think of Fluxx - it's a crazy game let me tell you!

    THANK YOU for the fun goodies you sent me! I cannot wait to wear the pretty things and the mug is crazy awesome! And coffee is awesome too, I'll be hitting up Starbucks this week! :) <3

  2. Haha I totally realized I forgot to add that my Bestie included candy in mine but I ate it all before I took pics... oops!


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