Wednesday, September 26, 2012

this is big.

{they really don't make putt-putt courses big enough for adults...}

About a month ago we were gearing up for the beginning of football season and the ten-months of straight crazy-busy for Steven. Even though we've done it a few times before, this year felt different and it it was bumming us both out. We squeezed in as much togetherness {and wedding planning} as possible in preparation. Including some mini-golf. :)

This year we'll be planning our wedding. We want to be able to really enjoy the excitement that will fill our lives leading up our big day. If Steven were to be away or busy every weekend, it would take away from the fun and adventure.

Life is just different now and we are ready for a change. Mizzou football started and I went to tailgates and the first few games with friends, all of us meeting up with Steven at a bar around midnight (the time he got done working) for a drink so he could see his friends too.

We're getting a change. Tomorrow, we'll be sitting on the couch with our friends watching the game together. Next weekend we'll host a tailgate and I'll go to the Mizzou game with Steven for the first time since 2009. We'll sit next to each other and jump up and down together and high-five when our favorite team scores. How is this possible? Steven has a new job!

Remember way back when I mentioned that something had been on my mind but I couldn't share? It was about Steven and his job search. We both appreciate any good thoughts you sent our way. Steven is sad to be leaving the athletic department but is very excited about his new job and spending more time at home. He starts his new venture in a couple weeks.

How quickly do you think he'll get sick of seeing me all the time? ;) 

xoxo, christa


  1. So exciting! I'm glad to hear you'll get to spend more time together and congrats to Steven on his new job!!

  2. Oh Christa, my fingers are crossed and I'm sending you two lots of good thoughts! Iz and I are on totally opposite work schedules so I know how that feels =-/

  3. Congrats on his new job, that's awesome! I'm glad you'll be able to spend more time together as you plan your wedding over the next year!

  4. Extremely happy for you both!!!
    I know he loved working for Mizzou athletics,
    but his schedule was grueling.
    I hope he loves his new job just as well,
    but I'm betting he'll love the schedule so much more!!
    Have fun watching the games TOGETHER!!!
    Love you!

  5. I'm so happy for you! Yay for spending more couple time together :)


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