Monday, October 15, 2012

black & gold

On Saturday I had the opportunity to participate in a game day color run, in our case a Black & Gold Run. I thought about signing up weeks ago but the game time hadn't been announced yet and I wasn't sure what our plans would be. On Friday my friend Megan {mom to my adorable flower girls} posted on facebook that she had an opening on her team and I volunteered to take the spot.

{dixie cups of yellow cornstarch, our color}

I got there a few minutes before my teammates, so I collected our black & gold beads, our yellow color and scanned the crowd looking at the crazy outfits people were wearing. We were all supposed to wear black so the yellow color would show up well, but people added black & gold tutus, fun socks, hair bows... showing ultimate team spirit.

{my before pic}

The girls got there and I gave them their color and told them the instructions that had been announced - we were supposed to save the color for the countdown to the start when we'd do a big M-I-Z - Z-O-U chant and toss the color in the air. Well, Megan dipped her finger in her cup and made a mark on each of the girls. That prompted a mini-color fight between the four of us and it was awesome.

Olivia kept playing defense and wiping the yellow off of herself, while Ava ran around splashing color onto all of us and giggling uncontrollably.

{after the group color toss}

We did save the majority of our color for the start. :) The announcer started with the M-I-Z and we all shouted Z-O-U and tossed our color into the air. There was a big cloud of yellow dust in the air and the crowd started off on the two-mile path.

{my 'yellow eye'}

Right before we started, the color run workers were throwing more color into the crowd and they got me from the side. The color landed inside my sunglasses giving me a yellow eye and apparently weighing down my eyelashes. :)

{the ground after the group color toss - usually black asphalt!}

{we all finished!}

There were two color zones on the two-mile path. You could go to the right and get full-color or the left for minimal color. The girls weren't sure which zone they wanted to run through, but I convinced them that full color was more fun.

{megan & me}

I'm so glad Megan had a spot on her team and I snatched it up before someone else could! Thank you, Megan! It sounds like they'll be doing this again next year and I'll definitely sign up. So much fun.

I hope you all had an equally colorful weekend. :)

xoxo, christa


  1. This looks like so much fun! I hope the color washed out ok though!

  2. That looks like SO MUCH FUN! I would have gone through the full color area too.

  3. that looks awesome,i so want to do one of these runs! and p.s. thanks for your congrats on wesley!!


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