Tuesday, October 9, 2012

documenting life - my 2011 photo book

I take lots of pictures. Lots. It's just too easy to pull out my phone and snap a few pictures. Which I love because I'm usually documenting every day life, not just the extraordinary moments. The pretty clouds in the sky, the yummy meal we got on our date night, the big blizzard of 2011, fresh veggies from the farmers market, the weird cup tower Steven built at one night at Shakespeare's. 

I created and ordered a 7x7 book from Blurb. I downloaded and used their BookSmart program because I wanted to upload too many pictures for their web application. It was super easy to use.

I ended up with a 134 page book and I love it. I've already started two other books, one for 2012 and another special book that I can't tell you about yet. :) I haven't decided if I want to write on the pages or not. That was my plan - to journal by hand instead of typing it in. But I kind of like flipping though and talking about it.

I'm very happy with the quality of the book. They are not paying me to say this! I bought my book on my own and really do love it. The best part - I was prepared to wait 16 to18 days for production and delivery. It arrived 11 days earlier than the projected delivery date! I was mighty pleased.

The end. Choosing the cover photos was the hardest part! I tried several on the front and back before settling. I finally realized that the outside photo is just one of hundreds that make up the book, so I just went with my gut.

As always, Elliott was a great help... didn't get in the way or anything. ;) He is always interested when I'm taking photos or working on a project.

I'm trying to get better about preserving memories offline so we have something tangible to hold and look at. My blog is awesome, but if something happened to the internet and I could never see it again I would be really sad that I didn't have certain things documented!

Do you scrapbook or make photo books? What is your favorite way to document life?

xoxo, christa


  1. I've been thinking about making a book each year... kind of like a yearbook. I love Blurb, it's super easy!

  2. Wow!!!... 134 pages!!!... That must have cost a lot of money??? (can I ask $...?)
    Coll booK!

    Nino Via

  3. Great book! I have made 12 Blurb-books like this and I love them! A great way to keep the digital photos touchable, instead of keeping them on a harddrive somewhere. My next bookproject is going to be an Instagram-book. Can´t wait!

  4. I have a cousin who does annual photo books for her children. Me? I have made several books but I have a hard time editing my photos so I usual abandon it in the process. Your books looks like a magazine editorial. Wonderful!!!

  5. Your book is beautiful! And I love the photo on the back - I think that your gut was DEAD on!

    Well done - I'll be looking into how to make a photo book of our wedding photos!

  6. this so reminds me that on my igoogle page i have a 'to do' list...i guess i've had it since like 2008 because it says to make photo books from 2007, 2008, hhaa...i'm a few years behind. and p.s. thanks for your congrats on wesley!! now i really need to start making photo books i think!


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