Tuesday, October 30, 2012

home, let me come home

{macy & lily}

We have been busy, busy the past couple of weeks! Two weeks ago, Steven went to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. His summary of the trip... 'It was Las Vegas-ie.' He said it was fun, but he's not aching to go back any time soon.

While he was gone, I puppy-sat for the a night then headed to St. Louis for a bachelorette party.

We spent the night bar hopping, gossiping and even went bowling. The following morning required lots of non-alcoholic liquids and some carbs. We found an Einstein Bros Bagels... the perfect bachelorette party recovery program.

When we both got home, Toby was attached to us. He always greets us when we get home from work - such a sweetheart.

The past weekend was Mizzou's Homecoming! We had hoped to spend the who day celebrating - parade, tailgate, game... then they announced game time was 11am and the parade was at 7am! We scraped those ideas. I was in the parade this year and had to be there at 6:15. It was an early morning.

The game was great. It was chilly, everyone was bundled up, and the Tigers won! Let's just ignore the fact that we played Kentucky... apparently they're not very good at football. Still our first SEC win! 

Work has been busy, like it has been for months. Hoping things slow down in the next couple of weeks, otherwise I'll get very behind while I'm off for Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone on the east coast is staying safe during the storm!

xoxo, christa


  1. I left you an award on my blog! :)


  2. Haha, I've always wanted to go to Vegas just to see what it's like but I can't imagine being in love with it like some people are.


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