Monday, February 18, 2013

phew! {life is busy!}

{breakfast in the car while house hunting one saturday}

So, as it turns out, house hunting and wedding planning at the same time can be just a little time consuming! All of a sudden we're halfway through February... still not sure how that happened!

A general update: Work has been mostly normal for both of us, after work and weekends have been full of house hunting and wedding planning. The cats have been noisy as usual. We watched the super bowl with our friends, feasting on delicious snacks and playing with their new puppy.

 {steven & I sipping on our drinks while waiting for a table}

Steven and I had a quiet valentines day - perfect for our currently crazy, hectic lives! We exchanged cards {saving our money for the house!} and went out for pizza and drinks at our favorite place. We had a couple reese's hearts for dessert, it was lovely. :)

{might you be our new house?}

A house update: We're still on the house hunt... We were having a hard time finding a house that we really liked since we lost our 'dream house.' Well, we've found one that some features that were on our wish list that we never thought we'd get this time around, so if you don't mind crossing some fingers or sending some good thoughts our way, we'd really appreciate it! Hopefully this is it and we can refocus ourselves on wedding prep!

And speaking of the wedding... we're at exactly 130 days from the wedding. Uhm, what?! How is it so close already? We've been meeting with florists and nailing down specifics... time to figure out all the details, now!

I actually have some posts scheduled to go up throughout the week - I found some time to edit photos and write a bit over the weekend. I've missed it.

I wish everyone a wonderful week!

xoxo, christa


  1. My fingers and toes are crossed for you lady!!

  2. Wow, doing both wedding planning AND house hunting is a lot. Good luck with both, I hope you find an even better dream house soon!!

  3. Fingers crossed! Good luck! Love you.....


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