Tuesday, March 12, 2013

{save the date}

Our save-the-dates were all mailed out and received successfully! Way back in January actually - my how time flies.

We decided to do magnets and I love the way they turned out, despite the challenging process... I had several issues with a couple different companies, but after asking friends for their favorite places to get magnets, it was smooth sailing. I ended up getting them printed by Pear Tree Greetings. They are not paying me for this - I was just really happy with the process, timeline and final product. :) {If you have more questions about what product I used and other details, please feel free to email me!}

I wanted to do something fun for the envelope, so I ordered a bunch of kraft paper bags off etsy and printed the addresses right onto the bags. Then I stuffed them with the magnet and a piece of coordinating card stock {since the paper bags were kind of thin}, used a glue stick to seal them up and decorated a bit with washi tape.

The tape adds a little pop of color and some fun to the envelope. And I had to use washi tape somewhere... pretty sure there is a rule about using it for any project. ;)

There is a story about the stamps... I really, really wanted to use the floral love stamps {like the three up there with the blue background} for all of my wedding stationary. But I had no clue that they were being discontinued. So when I went to buy them in January I was so upset that they were sold out! I even searched online and almost bought a bunch that were selling for double or triple their worth. But Steven talked me off the ledge by telling me that no one else would pay attention to the stamps and that I was being crazy.

I still think they look better with the blue stamps, but I'm over it. Kind of... :)

Did you send save-the-dates when you got married? It seems to be more of a new trend, but I love mine!

xoxo, christa

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