Saturday, March 9, 2013

snowed in

{Thursday mid-storm, after round one of shoveling}

I thought we were done with winter. Trees were blooming and plants were sprouting. And then we got 10 inches of snow on February 21st. Knowing the predictions of snowfall and the lack of snow plowing that occurs on our street, I planned to stay home and work remotely on Thursday so I wouldn't end up stuck at the office.

{elliott was my co-worker on Thursday... as I worked from bed}

Steven went in to work but left after an hour and his car still got stuck coming into the neighborhood. A very kind MoDOT plow driver brought some gravel over from the back of his truck to help him gain traction. And he never did make it to the driveway. I did a lot of shoveling that day. And had a very sore back the next.

{our backyard neighbors were playing Hunger Games or something...}

The next couple of days were calm and cold, but there was no plow in sight. We had something we had to get out for on Friday, so we dug Steven's car out and made it out of the neighborhood only to find that where we needed to go was closed due to the snow. But the main roads were perfectly fine and clear of snow. But we trekked back home and then got stuck again coming into the neighborhood. Luckily there were some bystanders who helped push us back into our shoveled spot.

Some friends were gracious enough to drive us around that weekend so we were able to get out of the house, eat something not from the pantry, and get some groceries to gear up for round two.

{Toby was my coworker on Monday, but he just wanted to play}

Monday I was stuck working from home again. They hadn't plowed the streets and I didn't want my car to get stuck since the next storm was rolling in. During the blizzard in 2011 we never got plowed, but it also warmed up quicker. This time we didn't have a break between storm one and two, and the forecast indicated that it would be sticking around a while...

{finally, Monday afternoon at 4:00, the plow came through!}

So I started facebook-ing and tweeting at the public works group begging them to plow our neighborhood. And they did! I was able to take my car to fill up on gas and run a quick errand before returning home for the start of the next round.

{Tuesday as we started to shovel out again}

And we were hit with another 10 inches. We spent a lot of time shoveling the thick, wet snow off the driveway and waited again for a plow to come through. We finally did on Wednesday, so we shoveled the pile of icy snow that they left at the bottom of the driveway and we were finally free to go to work on Thursday.

{my mom took this picture of me on our snow mountain on Sunday}

My parents were in town over the weekend after the storms to do some wedding stuff... I had to shovel the street so they had a place to park! 

And then, as they were leaving town, I got sick with a horrible cold and I've been offline for far too long. 

Friday, March 8th {fifteen days after the first storm} it was finally warm enough to melt a good amount of the snow, but a lot still lingers. I think some of the giant piles around town will be there for quite some time.

No longer snowed in, no longer off line. :) 

xoxo, christa

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  1. Ugh I am so sick of winter. Seriously all the snow is just horrible. Can it please be summer?


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