Thursday, April 4, 2013

spring, is that really you?

Last Sunday was the first glance of this year's spring weather. I stepped outside and immediately smiled. I honestly felt 1000 pounds lighter. Warm, sunny weather brightens my mood and decreases the chances that I'll bite someone's head off, or break into tears.

This year I was especially aware how blah I felt during the cold, snowy weather. Combine that with some stressful situations at work, and all the busy at home {home buying & wedding planning}... I was getting pretty miserable.

Sunday healed me. Or began the process anyway. :) I stepped outside for a second, turned around and went back in for a blanket, coffee and my kindle. I wanted to lay in the grass, in the sun, but it was too soggy from the heavy rain the day before. I settled for the shade, still warm, and stared up at the puffy clouds. Watching them drift by was peaceful.

Warm, sun-shiny days are exactly what I need. They feed my soul with happiness.

When it started to get chilly, I added some layers. When I couldn't stand it anymore, I reluctantly drug the blanket back inside and opened the blinds on the front windows to let the sun stream in.

So, dear sun, please stick around for longer than a couple days. Warm my soul and make me happy.

xoxo, christa

1 comment:

  1. Christa I walked out of work today WITHOUT MY COAT ON. Ah it was AMAZING.


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