Wednesday, May 1, 2013

our new house: the before tour

{the front, lacking a little curb appeal with the dead bushes...}

Finally. They have been edited... I've got a ton of pictures for you today! Probably too many, so grab a cup of coffee and settle in.

Here is our first house. Soon to be home! During our first visit as official homeowners {Saturday, April 13} I went through and snapped some quick pictures - nothing professional here, folks!

{better picture of the front bed. pretty ugly.}

{the garage, open door leads into the laundry room}
{behind the double doors on the R is the furnace and hot water heater}

{L: blur alert! the laundry room. door on the right leads to the garage.}
{R: looking back into the laundry room from the hallway}

{L: the tiny hallway. laundry straight ahead, master to the right}
{R: turning left from the picture above, you'll see the entryway}

{standing in the entry, here is the living room}

{kitchen to the left, built-ins and fireplace, hallway to other bedrooms}

{one of my favorite things about this house... the built-ins are so dreamy.}
{steven's gallon of water to the left, my coffee to the right. ;) }

{the kitchen!}
{let me point out the one, tiny blue light hanging in there...}

{view of the kitchen from the dining area}

{view of the dining area from the kitchen}

{tied with little blue light for worst thing about the kitchen is the layer of stuff on the floor}

{looking back into the living room from the dining area}

{hallway leading to second bath and other bedrooms}

{hall/second bath. it's pretty spacious.}

{more angles of the bath.}
{the medicine cabinet isn't sunk into the wall... and there isn't a toilet paper holder or towel bar}

{looking back into the hallway}

{living room L, bathroom R, the girly purple bedroom will now be our guest room}

{check out that ceiling fan!}

{it's a smaller room, but it will serve it's purpose.}

{L: looking from the purple room, bath to L, door on R leads to the 4th bedroom}
{R: the 'big blue room'}

{big blue room. you can see the 'red roof house' out the window}

{the door swings closed and there is a fun string to change the fan speed...}

{the 'little blue room' will become the office}

{the 'little blue room' is little - but it will work perfectly for what we need.}

{looking into the living room from the hall}

{L: looking into the master from the hallway}
{R: master has nice tall ceilings and gets nice, but not direct, light}

{the other side of the master. door on L goes into bath, door on R goes into the hall}

{looking into the master bath}

{door on far L is the water closet, door in the middle is one of two closets!}
{again, no towel bars or toilet paper holder in here.}

{L: water closet and one of the His & Hers closets}
{R: the other closet and the shower, door on R goes back into the bedroom}

{the nice big vanity with two sinks! and weirdly placed outlets}
{and more medicine cabinets that are just screwed onto the wall, not sunken in}

{and the backyard. we have a little covered area with a ceiling fan}

{back of the house. window on L is in the kitchen. bay window is the dining area. door and window inside the covered area is the living room, window on R is the master bath.}

{another view. we hope to fence in the yard sooner than later.}

{the yard slopes up in the back, but we have quite a bit of flat space. and the slope actually gives us more privacy from the neighbors behind us. the building on the R of this picture is a service center for a telephone/internet company. the service people get their supplies from the building, so it doesn't see too much traffic. we plan to plant trees to help hide it a bit.}

So the inside is pretty much brown box after brown box, followed up by a couple bright blue boxes and one purple one. I mentioned this in a previous post, but this house was a forclosure. There are some things that were ignored, some of those "what were they thinking?" moments, but still an opportunity to make our new house a home.

It's been two and half weeks since we closed. {has it really only been that long?!} A lot of progress has been made already and I'm excited to share it with you. I'll share some more pictures soon.

Have to give my parents a huge shout-out here... they just spent a week making some of our dreams a reality and I can't even being to imagine how long it would have taken us without their help. We could never express our gratitude enough!

So obviously the lack of posting has to do with the fact we've been spending all our time either at work, at the new house, working on wedding planning, or in bed - very little time for anything extra. :)

xoxo, christa


  1. I seriously went back and looked at the built ins and fireplace 3 times. I am CRAZY jealous of those!

    I can't wait to see the afters!

  2. So much space, and I love the built ins. Some of the things are kind of crazy (kitchen light, medicine cabinets) but are also easy fixes. Enjoy your home and making it your own!

  3. What a great place! I can't wait to see what it looks like once you're settled :) I love the fireplace!

  4. Congratulations! It looks lovely. The built in shelves and hardwoods are gorgeous!


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