Friday, July 12, 2013


{in the limo on the way to the ceremony}

We're married!! 
Have been for two weeks. :)

{the reception pavilion}

I know some dear online friends are dying to see pictures, so I thought I would share a few instagrams. Most of them are mine, but a borrowed a couple, too. We asked our guests to use the hashtag #christaandsteven when posting pictures so we could see them all. We got some great ones.

{the programs}

I designed all the printed materials and will be sure to share them all soon.
The menu might have been my favorite piece...

{you may now kiss the bride}

I also made the altar backdrop. I was actually glad that it was breezy so the fabric was moving around and not just hanging there, the greenery from the trees behind were able to peek through.

{our rings}

I was able to breathe a little easier after the ceremony was over, but I was still a bit anxious about the rest of the day's schedule. Having a couple minutes alone with Steven while our photographer took some photos helped me relax though.

{smash the cake, or play nice?}

I loved the way our cake turned out. The topper was the best - I'll post a picture of it soon. :)

{our family & friends enjoying their meals}

Sitting at the head table and looking out at our family and friends was an amazing feeling.
Most of them (literally like 90%) traveled from hours away to be there with us.
I made all the bunting hanging from the beams.

{first dance}

I really enjoyed our first dance. 
We serenaded each other and I just about forgot that there were 100 people watching us!

{officially official!}

Our officiant was getting ready to leave and we hadn't signed the paperwork yet! 
My maid of honor/sister and Steven's best man signed as our witnesses.

You know I'll be back with many more photos, and hopefully regular posts too. :)



  1. Just so you know, Izzy and I were ogling your reception venue, so pretty. And your dress was gorgeous.

  2. Congratulations C.J. You looked beautiful and everything about your wedding was sooo Christa. I loved that you totally made it your own. And the belt, what a great idea. Love Mrs. B...


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