Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a few of my favorite things: health & beauty

I'm a non-make-up-wearer. My idea of make-up is a little eyeshadow, mascara and lip gloss. And that's only for a special occasion! I do try my best to take good care of my skin. So here are the "non-make-up-wearer's" favorite health and beauty products. What I use on a daily basis and love.

say yes to cucumber & say yes to blueberry facial wipes

These are a staple in my gym bag, travel bag, my purse and my bathroom drawer! The smaller pouches are perfect for travel. I go to the gym in the middle of the day, so I use one to wipe down my face {and maybe even other sweaty areas} before heading back to the office. I keep a larger pouch in my bathroom and use them after work to freshen up or on weekend mornings if I have housework to do before showering. They leave my face feeling clean without any residue or an overwhelming fragrance. You can find them here, here and in many healthy and beauty isles.

aveno daily moisturizing lotion

This is a great lotion. It's nice and thick, but soaks in pretty fast and doesn't leave a residue. This is what I put all over after a shower, and it's great if your hands get dried out after doing the dishes. I have pretty dry skin in general, so this is my go-to lotion, even in the warmer months. You can find it here or your local grocery or drug store.

boots expert sensitive moisture hand cream
This is probably the first time I've used a whole tube of lotion... It's just about empty! I keep this tube in my purse, but often find myself going to grab it at home. It's a thinner lotion, but does a great job moisturizing. In addition to using it on my hands {and elbows}, I actually like to use it as a facial moisturizer. It goes on smooth and soaks in quickly so I'm not left feeling greasy. I don't have to wait ages to touch my phone or keyboard. Find it here and in some local drug stores.

say yes to blueberry daily moisturizer with SPF 30
If I know I'm going to be outside a lot, I start my day with this facial moisturizer with SPF 30. I've tried a few moisturizers with sunscreen, but this one is my favorite so far. It doesn't have an overwhelming sunscreen smell. It is on the thicker side and takes some time to apply and smooth out, but it provides the sun protection my face {and neck!} needs. Find it here, and in many healthy and beauty isles.

honest co. leave-in conditioning spray
Since my hair is pretty long right now, it tends to tangle more easily. I got this leave-in conditioning spray with my first honest co. bundle and I love it. It smells pretty, but is not overpowering, and helps keep my hair tangle-free. I spray it on when my hair is damp, right before I blow-dry. Then sometimes I mist it again when I'm done drying. Has really worked like a charm. You can find it here.

boots no7 poppy king lip gloss in power
If I want a decent amount of color on my lips, I turn to this lip gloss. It applies nicely, it not sticky, and doesn't taste nasty. You can find it here and other heath and beauty isles.

benefit dandelion ultra plush lip gloss
This is a great neutral gloss. I use it when I just want some shine, or apply it over lip stain if I'm feeling really fancy. I told you I'm simple. :) It's not sticky and doesn't taste like paste. You can find it here.

burts bees beeswax lip balm & refreshing lip balm with pink grapefruit
I think I have a tube within my reach at all times. At my desk, in my night stand, purse, gym bag... It's basically the best lip balm, chapstick, whatever ever. And I love the new variations they have. I'm particularly fond of the grapefruit. Find them here and here, and in pretty much every store everywhere.

It seems I'm working my way through the "say yes to" line of products... I've tried a few of their other things and have always liked everything. Except their after-sun lotion because it has 'shimmer' in it. I actually tried a little bit on a sunburn I had {shhh, don't tell!} and it soothed immediately. I would have bought it if it weren't for the glitter. Was that too much info? Please don't turn me in for trying a pea-sized amount of after-sun lotion in the store.

And I really want to stress how much I'm in love with honest co.'s conditioning spray. I mean, these are all my favorite items, but this is a product I never really thought about purchasing even though I hated my tangled hair. I came across it when picking out my first bundle and couldn't wait to try it.

So those are a non-make-up-wearing, simple girl's favorite go-to health and beauty products. Have you used any of these items? Any you'd think I would like to try based on this list?

xoxo, christa

I was not sponsored in any way for this post. I am not affiliated with any brand mentioned here. {not that I would mind if one of them wanted to send me something} None of the links used are affiliate links and I won't get any money if you click on them or buy the product.  

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  1. I've been meaning to try the Say Yes products, I've heard really good things about them!


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