Friday, August 9, 2013


{the awesome view from our hotel}

Last week, Steven and I made our way to Chicago to join thirteen of our friends at the giant music festival - Lollapalooza 2013. It's three days long and consumes all of Grant Park along Michigan Avenue.I think we've just about made it out of recovery.

Thursday night we stayed in the 'burbs. Our gracious hosts {our best friend's parents} prepared all of us a fabulous dinner and even had cake and a birthday candle for me! {August 1st was my birthday!}

{the crew takes union station by storm}

On Friday morning we were at the train station by 8:15 for the 8:40 train. After the hour-long ride, we de-trained and made our way to street level for the twenty-minute walk to our hotel. We quickly checked-in and had a little bit of time to settle in before walking over to the park.

{twenty one pilots at the grove}

This was my first year attending Lolla and, to be honest, I was a little apprehensive. Steven {as well as most of our group} has been a few times and when I was deciding if I wanted to go or not he told me all the reasons that I might not like it. I had enough time before tickets went on sale to really process the whole thing and I knew I could find a way to handle the crowds and potential weather - or I could always take my big girl self back to the hotel if that's what I wanted :)

When we got to the park and storm clouds threatened, I packed all my things into the ziplock baggies I brought and was prepared to be soaked. Quite thankfully it never really rained hard and the weather was gorgeous the rest of the weekend.

{my cookies and cream ice cream from rainbow cone}
{all the food vendors were amazing - it was like a mini taste-of-chicago!}

The first day I saw American Authors, San Cisco, Twenty One Pilots, Pacific Air, Hey Marseilles, and The Killers. I couldn't even pick a favorite from Friday - I really enjoyed all the shows!

{hubs & wifey, ready for day two}

After a night of some pretty good sleep, we ate breakfast/lunch at Panera a few blocks from the hotel, and headed over to the park for day two.

{adorable hello apparel tank top & new comfy shoes}

I actually got up a little early on Saturday to walk a half-mile to the nearest shoe store to find some more comfortable shoes. I brought sandals because that's what I prefer to wear 99% of the time. But the soles of the sandals were hard plastic and my heels were not at all comfortable by the end of the first day. I found these on sale and bought some heel cushion inserts to make them even better.

{lumineers from a distance}

On day two I saw Little Green Cars, Family of the Year, Matt & Kim, Ellie Goulding, The National, The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons.

 {the group in front of us at mumford & sons had sparklers to accompany the fireworks}

Mumford was probably my favorite. I've been wanting to see them live for quite some time, and the fireworks popping up behind the stage {from Navy Pier} made the show kind of magical.

{the group photo I insisted we take}
{amy, lauren, kelsey, jj, steven & me}

Lolla day three! I insisted we visit the "big white puffy lolla" to take a group picture. My friends are so appeasing. ;)

{instagrammed this pic while waiting for a show to start - 
lolla liked it and shared it on the big screens all over the park!}

Sunday was a little bit more laid back. There were less shows that we really wanted to see, but ended up seeing the most groups! I think the crowd had thinned out a bit from Friday and Saturday so it was a little easier to get around.

{jj, steven, kelsey & me at the mowgli's}

On day three we saw Yawn, Palma Vilots, Jake Bugg, The Mowgli's, Two Door Cinema Club, Bear Mountain, Beach House and Phoenix.

I was looking forward to The Mowgli's. Steven and I even got to dance to one of our wedding ceremony songs, really fun. Bear Mountain and Beach House were also great shows.

{me & kelsey having a blast at phoenix}

But my favorite show from the whole weekend was Phoenix. Our entire group of fifteen was there together. There was much singing, dancing, jumping and general weirdness going on. It was pretty much the best thing ever.

It was fantastic, crazy, tiring weekend. And you'll find me at Grand Park August 1-3, 2014.


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