Saturday, September 7, 2013

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{toby didn't think I packed down the soil well enough in the back left pot}

One of the many things I was excited about in regards to our first home was having land that I owned so I could put plants into the actual ground. What a concept, right? We grew peppers in pots last year and got a decent crop, but I was excited about expanding that.

This year we have jalapenos, gypsy peppers, basil, parsley, rosemary and a few varieties of tomatoes.

{the first of our tomato crop}

Well, turns out that digging up perfectly good grass and planting things permanently into the ground is a little intimidating. What if I pick the wrong spot?

I also got a late start. The wedding might have taken up the first part of our summer, and the second half has flown by. I recently transplanted tomato plants into larger pots. Remember that fear of digging up the grass? Well, I picked a spot on the back {east side} of the house to put the pots to test for a permanent raised bed. It gets good morning sun, then the house shades the plants all afternoon. I originally thought I would put two or three on the south side of the house, but I'm worried it will get too much sun and everything will fry. Garden pros - will you weigh in?

{early morning watering session}

Next spring I will get brave and get my hands dirty digging up grass and start planting things into the actual ground. No more pots lined up on the patio.

So, gardeners, any recommendations for bed locations?? What are staples in your garden?

xoxo, christa

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