Tuesday, October 15, 2013

our wedding · bridal party & family portraits

This was right after our first look. Our wedding party joined us on the quad at the University of Missouri. It was kind of magical thinking that these people were here for us. To support us. Then I thought about how there were a hundred more people about to celebrate with us. That feeling of love is just wonderful.

{catching some rays}

{cool guys}

{lovely ladies}

{I adore these little girls. Who aren't as little as when I first met them four years ago!}

{pretty much the best family ever.}

{I love my Momma.}

{Steven's Dad & sister Lauren}

Love these. So appreciate the personalities of these guys & gals. The best.

{Steven's sister, Grandparents {all the way from Wisconsin!}, & his Mom}

{my Mom's side}

Such strength is this group. Lots of smarts, too. Love each and every one of them. Some of the best cousins I could ask for!

{my Dad's side}
{minus one cousin who couldn't make it, but sent an awesome video wishing us well. {hi Julie!} And one new baby, who was still in the oven in this photo but has since made his grand appearance into the world. {welcome, Wyatt!}}

We all went a giant family vacation together in 2006 and didn't kill each other. International travel can either bond people or drive them crazy. Also some of the best cousins I could ask for!

{my Texas family}

Oh, I love them so. All of our families were transplanted from all over the country and we happened to land on the same block. The best block in the county. So happy they all made the journey.

Now these, these are our people. Our Mizzou family. College friends forever. We're now spread out as far as California, Seattle, Florida... and as close as St. Louis and right here in Columbia. The greatest friends we could have asked for.

{I will post links to all vendors & purchased items on my next 'our wedding' post}

xoxo, christa


  1. How beautiful you look! I love your dress. Congrats on being married!

  2. I cannot tell you how many people commented on the ambiance of the venue, the stellar wait service and the food! It felt like almost every guest complimented the menu.
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