Thursday, October 10, 2013

our wedding · bride & groom portraits

Our first look! 
Steven rode with the bridal party to the University of Missouri quad for photos before the ceremony, and my Mom took me separately. Our photographers got Steven in place and then I walked up behind him. His reaction was totally him. He turned back around and took a few steps away before turning back around and walking to me, tears in his eyes. {click any photo to make it larger} I think Steven was a little mad at me for not crying, but I had too many nerves! Trust me when I say, I cry every time I look at any of the photos. :)

I totally ignored the fact that there were at least four cameras pointed at us and was absorbed in the moment of seeing my almost-husband all spiffed up for our wedding.

A picture of Steven with a genuine smile!! Probably my favorite picture of him ever.

During those photos above, someone who works for the Mizzou Alumni Association snapped a picture of us and posted it on Instagram! We wouldn't have seen it if one of our videographer's friends didn't recognize him. So fun!

Love these photos of us on the steps of Jesse Hall on the Mizzou campus. The middle photo of us holding hands is one of my favorites. I always loop my pinky finger between his pointer and middle finger. :)

And the bottom photo showcases our awesome shoes and Steven's fun socks. :)

Always on my tip-toes to get a kiss.

I promise I wasn't bored! My legs were getting tired so I squatted down for a break while we waited for some family members to snap a few photos before we headed on to the venue. This will probably sound crazy, but I like how well you can see my eye color in the top photo. I'm really like my hazel eyes, but everyone always thinks they are brown because the gold and green doesn't always show well. So there is some proof of my hazel eyes! ;)

We flash the American Sign Language sign for 'I love you' a lot. I do it with my parents and sister as well. Not sure exactly how it started, probably in high school when I was practicing my signs. {did you know I took ASL for 2 years in high school and 3 semesters in college?}

One more awesome on campus photo before we hopped in the limo and headed for our ceremony! We look like little ants on that giant quad.

One photo I requested from my photographers was a picture of me taking a picture of our hands with my phone. That is real life, me with my phone taking tons of pictures. I posted two pictures on Instagram during our wedding day, one while we were in the limo and one while I was eating. I didn't miss out on anything, but I'm glad I posted those in the moment.

Goofballs! I love these two pictures. If you were a fly on our living room wall you'd catch many silly faces and sarcastic jokes or remarks being exchanged.

We had to get the adorable 'flower girls holding a huge frame' photo! That frame usually hangs in our bedroom, so it was fun to incorporate it in our wedding day. The lighting was awesome during our after ceremony photos.

Ah, the swing. The only people who knew we took these photos were the photographers and videographers. It was nice to sneak off for five minutes before the reception started and have this fun moment. And I love swinging on swings, even as an adult. I was grinning from ear to ear.

Walking back toward the pavilion to get the reception started! Our photographers captured about five or six photos of Steven kissing my hand that day. Which is a good representation of real life - he does that a lot. :) 

{I will post links to all vendors & purchased items on my last 'our wedding' post}

xoxo, christa


  1. You two are adorable. Love these photos.

  2. The one where he's kissing your forehead made me smile so big!

  3. oh my gosh, these are so so good!!!!

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