Tuesday, October 1, 2013

our wedding · getting ready

{one of our awesome videographers, Adam, filming Steven}

Here they are. Finally. I've sifted through a thousand photos {literally a thousand} and picked a handful of favorites to share here. I have a much larger batch of favorites, too, but I tried to pick the ones that would tell our story simply and beautifully.

{wedding day accessories...flowers and personalized tote bags}

Our wedding day itself became a little hectic for me once our photographers arrived and we started getting ready. I spent the whole morning relaxing and keeping myself calm, and getting ready was just a little more crazy that I had hoped. But it all worked out and the rest of the day went off without a hitch. Except that in the end, we were hitched...

This locket was a gift from my Dad, from my Grandma Jane. It belonged to her mother. Our wedding date was my Grandmothers birthday, which is exactly why we picked it. She passed away when I was six and my Dad had been holding on to that locket for me ever since, waiting for the right moment. So just before we started getting ready he pulled me aside to give it to me. {tears were shed}

The handmade 'friendship' bracelet in my other hand says "Bulls," as in the Chicago Bulls. I made it for my Dad probably 20 years ago and he has carried it with him on every business trip since. It was my something borrowed.

My Aunt Cathy popped in the room to get the corsages for the readers and she wanted to see the locket. Which got me crying again. I'm pretty sure the bottom was photo was taken when I was saying "I just wish she could have been here."

I heard that the vibe in the boys room was much different than ours... much more fun and relaxed. But they just had to show up and get changed! The girls had already been the the nail salon and the hair salon and we still had to do our make-up and accessorize.

You'll notice later that my Dad did not wear a coral tie. He wore a teal tie. None of the boys, my sweet, sweet boys, were tying their ties correctly. My Dad took over and tied all each of them for the boys. Perfect knots on every single one. :)

My hair piece came with my dress, meant to be pinned onto the waistband. It was much more giant and I cut off several petals to size it down. Much more of a statement than I would usually make, but it was my wedding day so why not.

My amazing Mom made both of the flower girl's dresses. The coral fabric was from the bridesmaid dress maker, I ordered extra yardage so they matched perfectly.

Getting changed into my dress was probably the most interesting moment for me... I had three cameras pointed at me! But I managed to do it without flashing anyone. :)

Right before we were heading out to the limo, my sister gave me a gift she had made for me. It's a hankie that has my new monogram and the date Steven and I started dating, the date we got engaged, and our wedding date. My mom also gave me a hankie with my monogram, hers and my grandmothers monograms with all of our birth dates.

And my Mom had a few hankies for me to choose from to carry that day. I picked a simple white one that belonged to her Mom. It was my something old.

The boys got ready quickly and were able to take a minute to have a drink together. And then they needed help pinning their flowers on. Bridesmaids to the rescue!

These are my Grandma's {mom's mom} wedding rings. We pinned them into the bottom of my wedding dress pocket. I also pinned the bulls bracelet there so it stayed put.

One last silly moment with my sister before we took off for the evening. It was so much fun, it was just my Mom, sister and photographer in the room. I took two minutes to forget about the stress of getting ready and remember to have fun.

{I will post links to all vendors & purchased items on my last 'our wedding' post}

xoxo, christa

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  1. For real.... all the sweet trinkets that went along with this post made me tear up. The Bulls bracelet, oh my goodness!


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