Monday, December 30, 2013

savoring 2013 {a review}

At the beginning of the year I announced that my word, or theme, for the year was to savor every minute. I think I did a pretty good job.

2013 was a busy year. We started the home-buying process, worked on planning a wedding, bought a house, cleaned a house, painted a house, moved in to a house, finished planning a wedding, had a wedding, recovered from a wedding, went on vacation, worked on house projects, enjoyed time with friends, worked on house projects, hosted thanksgiving, traveled for christmas... and still did normal life things like go to work, grocery shop, household chores and do things with friends.

This is all to say that I have really savored my year. Instead of taking the time to blog about every little thing I was savoring, I used that time to DO more. Or sometimes do less. I actively thought about whether or not I was enjoying myself in the moment. Sounds silly to actually say that, but I have a tendency to get caught up in the 'what's next' thoughts sometimes.

I was very content just living life this year. I really enjoy this space, my teeny-tiny little corner of the internet. There were times that I wished I had written more posts, but the actual happenings of life were more of a priority. Instagram helped me document the year - that place has almost become mini-blog for so many users.

I'm not yet sure what 2014 holds for me. After having such a strategic plan for 2013 it feels a little odd to not know what is coming up next. But I'm going to embrace that and work on letting go and try to be a little more spontaneous.

I don't yet have a specific word or theme for 2014... I'm still thinking about it. It might end up just being "let go" or "relax."

I hope everyone enjoyed the end of 2013 and that your new year starts off wonderfully.

xoxo, christa

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  1. I don't usually have a theme or word for a year but I just might in 2014.

    I wish you a very, very happy 2014 Christa!


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