Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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I've come here frequently in the past few weeks, trying to type out anything that will flow from my brain to my finger tips. But there isn't anything flowing right now. I keep willing myself to 'just write about anything!' and then... nothing. I'm going to chalk it up to winter sads. It's been so brutally cold. I really thrive on sunny skies.

I will say that we've had a pretty busy January, especially considering it's only the 22nd! Getting the house cleared of all holiday decorations, cleaning the house in general, lots of time with friends, going to the gym, searching for a new dryer...

The gym we belong to has four locations and I've always gone to the one closest to my office. One Saturday morning Steven took me to the location closer to our house. I'm always a little apprehensive when I walk into a new gym, so it was good to go with him since he's been before and knew where everything was. Then, since I had MLK day off, I went to an ab lab class, did a mile on the treadmill and a couple miles on the bike. My abs were hurting!

I'll be honest and say that we still have a handful of christmas decorations out. And the one's I've pulled down are piled in our guest room waiting for me to organize and store them. Most things can go up in the attic, but I don't want to put anything up there that can get ruined if they melt or freeze. Maybe I'll do that this weekend...

Steven and I have had a couple of date nights this month. We spend almost all evenings and weekends together, but somehow putting the title on it makes it seem more special! One night we went to see Nebraska at a small, locally-owned theater. Before the movie we went across the street to a new-ish 'european foods' place. They have the most delicious Belgian waffles and scrumptious bretzel sandwiches.

We've also doing all sorts of stuff with our friends lately. In fact, last week we were out till about midnight three week-nights in a row. That is unheard of for me. But I can sleep with I'm dead. Or when I take that nap after work the next day. ;)

Our dryer stopped working almost three months ago. We're limping by while debating on what to do next. I've drug our wet laundry all around town, using my sister's dryer and most recently the laundromat dryer. I finally called a repair service to come diagnose it a couple weeks ago. And it's dead. Well, I mean technically it can be repaired for about $200. But we paid a quarter of that for the used (but in good condition) dryer five years ago. So we're now deciding if we want to buy a used dryer to get us by for a while longer so we can save more money for a new washer/dryer set, or if we want to buy a new, but less expensive set now.

So life is moving along. We're getting back into meal planning this week, so hopefully I'll have some new recipes to share soon!

I hope you guys are surviving winter - we're doing our best here in Missouri!

xoxo, christa

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