Monday, April 7, 2014

chicken bacon ranch & bbq chicken bacon flatbread sandwiches

There is bacon involved, so don't tell me I have to convince you to try these! If you prep the ingredients ahead, they are great sandwiches to make when you need a quick meal.

Steven & I love the chicken bacon ranch combo and I was jonesing for bbq chicken. So I made one of each and we each had half. :)

I poached two chicken breasts cubed them, and split them into two bowls. Then I mixed it with the ranch and bbq sauce and stuck them in the fridge until I was ready for them. You could even do this with leftover baked chicken.

I recently started making bacon in the oven - what a time {and splatter!} saver! I stick mine in the oven at 400* and let them cook until our preferred doneness. I usually flip the slices over once or twice.

I layered the ingredients onto the flatbreads and stuck them in the oven to heat through and allow the cheese to melt. So we have cheddar cheese and chicken on one side, bacon and cheddar cheese on the other. I usually add a little more dressing/sauce before putting them in. I also like to add a dash of italian seasoning to the chicken bacon ranch sandwich.

After the cheese is melted, I close up the sandwiches and let them go for another few minutes. Then I pull them out, slice them up and we get this deliciousness...

{chicken bacon ranch flatbread sandwich}

{bbq chicken bacon flatbread sandwich}

chicken bacon ranch or bbq chicken bacon flatbread sandwiches
cooked chicken breasts, cubed
cheddar cheese slices
cooked bacon slices
ranch dressing of your choice
bbq sauce of your choice
flatbreads {we use flatouts}

There is no real recipe for this - it kind of depends on how many sandwiches you want and how big they will be. I cooked two breasts, but didn't use all of them for our two sandwiches - and they were pretty stuffed! You can use as much or as little sauce as you want. I used two slices of bacon and three slices of cheese per sandwich.

Super delicious and super easy. In fact, I think this is what we're having for dinner tonight. :)

xoxo, christa

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