Friday, April 18, 2014

our dinner deal

{kale & quinoa salad}

This begins a long narrative about my kitchen counters and table. It does end with a point. But you've been warned.

A couple months ago, I was in the kitchen one weekend afternoon prepping food for future dinners. One of our cats, Elliott, ran into the kitchen, jumped right up on the counter behind me and started across our warm stovetop. I didn't even have enough time to turn around and stop him before he jumped back and ran out of the room. I checked him out, and luckily he was fine.

So first, yes. Yes, the cats jump up onto the counters and sometimes walk across the stove. It's not ideal. I always wipe them down with a cleaner before I prep or cook anything. I've tried to keep them off, but it's not worth me stopping what I'm doing or getting up every 2 seconds to get them down. They're cats and they are going to jump on things. They like to be up high. They are cats. So I'd rather just have to clean the counter tops and stove before I start working in there.

{homemade pizzas, at the dinner table!}

The night after the almost-burned paws incident, Steven and I were in the kitchen fixing dinner. Elliott was on the kitchen table and I remarked that I was sorry that he hurt himself, but I was glad he didn't want to be on the counter tops. Steven said that he shouldn't even be on the table. And I responded by saying something like "Who cares if he's on the table, we don't use it anyway. Only if people come over for a meal." You'll typically find us at the coffee table eating and watching TV simultaneously.

When dinner was ready, I suggested we eat at the table. Steven agreed. We ate and actually had a real conversation that wasn't about the dumb show on the television!

{grits with collard greens & roasted tomatoes, crab cakes & chipotle aioli, 
cheesy quinoa cakes & roasted green beans, chicken parmesan}

We cleaned up the kitchen and were heading back to the living room when Steven said "How about this. How about any night you cook dinner, or I cook dinner, and it's not take-out or delivery, we eat at the table. No phones, no computers."

I was very happily shocked. "Deal."

I had thought about suggesting the very same thing for a while, but figured Steven would object. I was glad he made the suggestion. :) We've been at it for over three months and are still going strong. It has also encouraged me to keep up with meal planning and cooking meals at home because I enjoy the time so much.

We're both enjoying our dinner time. I hope we keep it up forever.

xoxo, christa

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  1. nice deal. :) we need to set up something similar... distraction-free dinner conversation is so nice. somehow, though, our dining table has become a daily dumping ground for mail, things brought home from work, unfinished projects. maybe i should take care of that problem first.


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