Thursday, June 19, 2014

new house numbers · DIY

So, let's talk house numbers. Probably the most important part of your house, if you want anyone to find you that is.

Our house came with numbers, prominently displayed and easy to see. Right under a light fixture so you can even see them well at night. So when we order food at 9pm, the delivery driver can easily find us. Priorities, right?

But they were less than attractive. Brassy-gold numbers on a white-ish, beige-ish plastic frame. The numbers were off-center, the screws were all rusty.

So I started looking at different options at the hardware stores. I really liked the metal ones that you had to special order with your house number and street name. But as you can imagine, with the phrase 'special order' those babies were much pricier than I was going for.

Then I thought I would just take the numbers off the existing frame thing, spray paint that with a fresh coat of something other than sun-faded beige, and add new numbers. Yeah, no. Those shiny brass numbers were there to stay for all of eternity.

Plan C. DIY that B.

I bought a plank of wood that was the height I needed and had the Lowe's man cut it down to the width I needed. I bought the pretty numbers that matched the finish of the light fixtures and front door hardware, used the template to drill holes into the wood, painted the wood white, screwed the numbers in, screwed the wood into the existing holes in the brick. Wah-lah!

{before & after}

Our new house numbers are so much cleaner and go better with our style. Not to mention, they thankfully didn't cost an arm and a leg.

xoxo, christa

ps: I definitely photoshopped our house numbers for safety. 

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